Top 5 Country Ballads: #2 Faith Hill- “When the Lights Go Down”

My country ballads countdown is getting closer to my top pick, but for today we are at my #2 favorite country ballad. The singer is probably my favorite ballad singer ever. The song has some of the most stunning vocals I have ever heard.

“When the Lights Go Down” from Faith Hill’s 2002 album, Cry is a song about being honest with yourself, even when it is tough to do so. A reminder we can all use sometimes. This song and the power and conviction with which it is sung gives me goosebumps to this day. Hill has produced some masterful ballads over the years Songs like “But I Will”, “It Matters to Me”, “I Can’t Do That Anymore”, and “Steeling Kisses” are all worth a listen at any given time. I really could do a countdown of just my favorite Faith Hill ballads. For me though, this song has always been a cut above those others.

The song was penned by a trio of songwriters, Rivers Rutherford, Jeffery Steele, and Craig Wiseman. They have created hits for everyone from Brooks and Dunn to Randy Travis. The one thing this song does not have going for it is that it only peaked at #26 on the charts. I will never understand why it was not a bigger hit. I guess all music is a matter of opinion, and in my opinion, this one of the best I have ever heard. The perfect marriage of singer and song. Whether you like this kind of music or not, the live performance below will leave your jaw on the floor. Hats off to Faith. Be sure to look tomorrow and see what my #1 ballad is. It is a song and singer everyone is familiar with.

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