Top 5 Country Ballads: #3 Shania Twain- “There Goes the Neighborhood”

My country ballads countdown continues today. My choice for #3 is another song that hits close to home for me. It is a song I am willing to bet none of my readers have ever heard. I hope this post changes that. Shania Twain is my all-time favorite artist. So, the fact that I managed to work her into this countdown should surprise no one. The song I chose is another story.

“There Goes the Neighborhood” was written by Tommy Dodson, Bill C. Graham, and Alan Laney. It was included on Twain’s unsuccessful self-titled debut album in 1993. It was not released as a single to radio. The album itself produced no top 40 hits and was not produced by Twain’s now ex-husband Mutt Lange. The man behind her other three albums that have sold over 70 million copies worldwide. It also did not include any of Twain’s original songs. She only co-wrote one song on the album. She and Lange wrote or co-wrote all of her other material

“There Goes the Neighborhood” is about a series of couples that decides on divorce and all of the terrible things and tough choices that come along with it. I did not even know the song existed until I was prepping to see Shania in concert over the summer. It was also recorded by veteran artist Joe Diffie. As a child of divorce, I instantly fell in love. Twain displays a vocal power I never knew she had. I am very fortunate to say that although they are divorced, I see both of my parents and have decent relationships with both. I know it often does not work that way. However, I also know as well as anyone that sometimes, divorce just sucks. This song is great for the sucky moments. Please give this hidden gem a listen below.

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