Top 5 Country Ballads: #4 Mindy McCready- “Maybe He’ll Notice Her Now”

My country ballads countdown rolls on. Today, I pay tribute to an all too often forgotten singer and song. When someone talks about the women of 90s country music names like Reba, Shania, and Faith quickly jump to mind. However, for a brief time, a twangy blonde haired powerhouse from Florida was on top. Then, as quickly as she arrived on scene, she was gone. I am talking about Mindy McCrready.

McCready’s 1996 debut album produced 3 top 10 hits. However, the 4th single from that album that only reached a peak of #18 is my #4 ballad. “Maybe He’ll Notice Her Now” penned by well respected Nashville songwriter the late Tim Johnson, is about a woman who writes a note to her husband before leaving him. The husband reads the note and realizes he has taken her for granted. They end up getting back together. The background vocals from Lonestar front man Richie McDonald are haunting. This is another one of those songs I feel like everyone can relate to. Whether it be with a significant other, friend, or someone else, being in a relationship with someone and not feeling valued is not uncommon. Sometimes doing something drastic to get the other person’s attention is necessary. More often than not it works out. This song is also a good reminder to let the people that matter to you know that you feel that way.

The song has a happy ending. Unfortunately, McCready’s life did not. After her debut album, she only hit top 20 on the charts 1 more time. Combine this with failed relationships, depression, addiction, and legal issues, and it all became too much. McCready tragically committed suicide in 2013 at just 37 years of age. Sadly, beautiful songs like this one are all we have left of this once promising talent, but they will live on forever. Please, give this great song a listen.



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