Serena, Maria, Novak, Andy, and the Super Bowl

Serena Williams continued her race with destiny this morning as she defeated a very game Maria Sharapova 6-3 7-6(5) for her 6th Aussie Open title and 19th overall major. She now trails only Steffi Graf’s 22 singles majors in the modern era. The serve was the difference. 15 aces left Sharapova nothing more than a human being with a tennis racquet who just happend to be on the court. At 33, Serena’s assult on the record books will continue as long as she wants it to. For Sharapova, who hasn’t beaten Serena in 11 years, it tough to imagine where she’ll go from here. She is still fairly young and driven as ever. However, she cannot play much better than she did in this match, and even that level of play wasn’t good enough to take a set, much less the match. Sharapova remains the clear-cut world number 2 in both ranking and reality and will become the favorite at the three other majors, if Serena stumbles. One fact though, still remains true. Sharapova and the rest of her peers are gunning for Serena until further notice, even after all these years.

Men’s final preview- (1) Novak Djokovic vs. (6) Andy Murray-(Head to Head Djokovic leads 15-8)

3 a.m. on ESPN (re-airs at 9)

There are no secrets between these two good friends and rivals. They play a very similar style based around defense and wearing their opponent down over the long haul, but are both more than capable of playing offense and finishing points at this stage in their careers, which wasn’t always the case. Djokovic is 4-0 in Aussie finals, Murray is 0-3. In this particular tournament, Djokovic hasn’t really found his best tennis, but his “B” game has been plenty good enough to get him to this spot. Murray finally looks healthy and is rejuvenated under the guidance of Amelie Mauresmo, and he clearly put in the hard work over the off-season.   Like all of their other matches, this will be a close, long, and grueling affair. I just like the way Murray is playing a little bit more than Djokovic right now. Expect Djokovic in the winner circle of a major this year, but not this one. Murray in 5 sets.

Super Bowl preview- Patriots vs. Seahawks

Honestly, I am really looking forward to this game. Once it kicks off, football will become the focus once again rather than “deflategate”, the most overblown story football has seen in years.   I expect a highly competitive game. When Vegas cannot decide who they think will win a game, it says a lot. I just don’t see New England being denied a 4th Super Bowl yet again. Seattle has gotten by with an average offense all year long. Also, I don’t care how good the defense is, Brady and company will score. I think a healthy Gronk will be the difference. Seattle has relied on game changing plays from their special teams and defense all year long, I can’t see the Patriots allowing themselves to be beaten in that way. Russell Wilson will keep Seattle in it, but fall one magic trick short.   Save all the Brady/Belichick legacy talk until after the confetti falls, but they will get there 4th ring together tomorrow night. NE 24 SEA 17

2 thoughts on “Serena, Maria, Novak, Andy, and the Super Bowl

  1. Lisa j says:

    What a great recap of the women’s final match. Both of those ladies took tennis to a new level. To bad Serena does not play in Indian Wells.


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