And then there were 4: NFL conference championship weekend pereview

19 weeks ago, The NFL season started with 32 teams dreaming of a trip to the Super Bowl. Now we are down to just 4. There are clear favorites in both conference title games, but in the NFL this year, nothing has been a sure thing. Not only was I 0-4 last week after a 4-0 start to the playoffs, but another Broncos season has come to an end. The organization is now in disarray. Translation: it’s been a rough sports week for this guy. Anyway, let’s take a look at the title games.

Packers (13-4) at Seahawks (13-4)-First off, I don’t care what the rulebook says, Dez Bryant caught that ball last week. Thus, Green Bay has no business being here. Russell Wilson has significant shortcomings as a QB; lack of arm strength and height among them. However, when you combine his mobility, great decision making and insane supporting cast, those shortcomings are made up for and then some. He is a nightmare to defend. Seattle will also pound Marshawn Lynch again and again. I have a whole new respect for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers after toughing it out with a torn calf and leading his team here, despite not being able to move. However, a QB who can’t move against Seattle’s top ranked defense… This will get ugly. Sea 33 GB 14

Colts (12-5) at Patriots (13-4)-I have a whole new respect for the Colts after last week. Andrew Luck is simply amazing, and Dan Herron has filled in admirably for Ahmad Bradshaw keeping the edge Bradshaw gave this team early on. The Colts defense is better than most realize, but may be missing Vontae Davis at the back end. That spells major trouble. I honestly think the Pats’ toughest game on the road back to the Super Bowl was last week. Brady has all his weapons healthy and is playing as well as he ever has. They’ll need more than the 17 yards rushing they managed last week, but if they can get a lead early, that should take care of itself. Of the two underdogs this weekend, Indy has a much better shot, but I still can’t see it. NE 38 Ind 28.

The first tennis major of the year starts Sunday evening! Be on the lookout for my Aussie Open previews tomorrow and early Sunday. Tennis majors are like Christmas for me. So, please read just as much you all have been reading the football stuff.