Welcome to Dylan’s Dose of Reality Sports Blog. My name is Dylan Streibig. This is my first legitimate foray into the world of blogging. Before I get into posting actual content, it will be helpful for me to tell my readers a bit of my story, passion for sports, and purpose for this blog.

I’m a 21-year-old college student, more specifically I am a senior at Wright State University majoring in Mass Communications. I was born and raised in Cincinnati. I’m looking to cover sports in some form or fashion for a living someday. I’m also currently the host of an on-campus sports talk radio show that airs Friday mornings and covers mostly mainstream sports. I’m starting this blog for a couple reasons, most importantly to get my name out there and gain additional experience in covering, and providing insight on sporting issues.

Sports is the only thing I have ever felt passionate enough about to want to make a living at. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, so playing sports was not a realistic option. However, I was born in the sports loving family. I have been obsessed with sports for as long as I can remember. I was lying about my age at 6 years old to get into Yahoo fantasy football leagues, with my parents knowledge. I fared pretty well in these leagues. Today, I am an obsessed fan of just about every sport from football to tennis. My two favorite sports are pro football and tennis. However, I consider myself very knowledgeable about college football, MLB, college basketball, the NBA, and NASCAR.

I have a few favorite teams and players that I support with my heart and soul. These will seem incredibly random to most of my readers, but I’ll be happy to explain if asked. I’m a lifelong Denver Broncos fan and live and die with them every Sunday. My fandom for the Baltimore Orioles is much the same. Additionally, I’m a huge fan of Arizona Wildcats men’s basketball. Though my support for Arizona basketball will never fade. I’m getting tired of them ripping my heart out every March. Lastly, I consider Maria Sharapova a huge influence on my life. I try to adopt her fighting spirit in everything I do. That is the main reason why I support her and want her to win every match she plays (get your minds out of the gutter). I have no problem evaluating these teams and players objectively.

I plan to post to this blog about once a week at that start in hopes of slowly building an audience. Posts will mostly consist of my predictions, which I will take full ownership of for better or for worse. Also, I will post my opinions on the various hot sports topics of the week. Another form of content will be posting stories that I feel are not getting enough coverage in the mainstream media. My goal is to provide the fresh perspective of a sports fan, rather than that of a former coach or player. Also, I have been an avid wrestling fan all my life. So, I may occasionally post wrestling related content on this blog. I am so looking forward to starting this process and seeing where this takes me.

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